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Since established in 1998, has been providing first-hand price movement, industrial news as well as in-depth analysis prepared by our in-house experts. It also hosts the comprehensive China coal databases which cover the vertical industry chain. is founded and operated by Fenwei Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd.

About Fenwei Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Fenwei Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Fenwei) is an independent services provider and consultant in the coal industry. Its area of expertise range from consulting, analytics, technical solutions and benchmarks, etc. Fenwei has been helping major overseas companies set foot in China for more than 20 years and has developed long-term partnerships with many clients thereafter, and is renowned for its ability to gaze into the niche and opaque Chinese coal space with internationally accepted perspectives and conducts. With more than 100 industrial veterans, Fenwei adopts established methodologies, tools, and 'know-hows' for its works.

Price Index More details about Fenwei CCI index, please visit CCI Price Index.

The Fenwei CCI Index series, introduced in 2012, is a highly regarded Chinese coal price index among market participants worldwide. It combines Fenwei's years of accumulation with quicker catch of market information, supported by long-tested yet adaptable methodologies. The index series are compiled by our team of professionals based on traded prices of over 65% of the daily transactions at main transfer centers. They are used to guide domestic and import transactions on thermal and coking coal. Many traders have already used the Fenwei CCI index for pricing and negotiation purposes. We believe the index series will continue contributing to market transparency and risk minimization.

Database Full-scale detailed data are available in Fenwei Database.

Want to find comprehensive and meaningful data to support your viewpoints in decision-making and market analysis? You have come to the right place – Fenwei Database, which has gone beyond data gathering to a complete and integrated data system after years of devoted efforts:

1. Supplement, amend and expand existing datasets with data from multiple sources;

2. Systematically collect data on coal mines, cost, coal quality and others previously not integrated into the database;

3. Identify and connect various datasets to an integrated network.

With such efforts, we now have over 100,000 datasets stored in the Fenwei Database and it is still expanding. You will be able to use the database to generate numerous advanced applications and forecast models.

Coal Blending System Fully optimized coking industry chain through innovating industry big data application mode.

Fenwei has optimized the entire coking industry chain through innovated application of industry Big Data. Not only the raw materials structure and costs are being optimized continuously, but also the production process and products quality are being constantly optimized, so to the products marketing and target clients.

Price Early Warning System Fenwei Thermal Coal Alert Index (TCAI)

The Fenwei Thermal Coal Alert Index (TCAI), published monthly, is a market monitoring system that combines industry base data and market sentiments. The index is calculated with our price forecast model, based on key industry data and survey of coal and related enterprises and institutes. It reflects the anticipated change of domestic seaborne coal at Bohai-rim ports in month ahead, and gives early warning to the trend of thermal coal prices across China.

  • 1999

    Founded by Chang Yijun

  • 2000

    Helped establish Chinese first Sino-foreign coal mine joint venture — SAADEC.

  • 2001

    Organized the first Sino-Korea Coking Coal Application Seminar with POSCO.

  • 2003

    Coking coal export agent by Fenwei exceeded 1 million tonnes.Started strategic cooperation with industrial giants like Mckinsey, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto.

  • 2004 came onlineCarried out investigation and assessment on Banpu's Hebi No. 4 Mine and AACI's Gaohe Mine, and Facilitated the establishment of the second and third large modern Sino-foreign coal mine joint ventures in China.

  • 2005

    Participated in the compilation of the 11th Five-Year Plan of Shanxi Coal Industry as entrusted by Shanxi Coal Industry Association.

  • 2006

    Jointly established and operated the Zhongtai Coal Exchange with Shanxi Coal Administration.

  • 2007

    Jointly established and operated the Jiaolian Coke Exchange with Shanxi Coke Association.

  • 2008

    Completed the Evaluation on Development of Shanxi Clean Heat Recovery Coke Oven Technology for Shanxi Coke Association, providing theoretical breakthrough for the oven's industry admission approval.

  • 2009

    Signed strategic cooperation agreement with SISS and established the SISS Taiyuan Branch.Fully took over the management of Lanxian Coke Plant under a Trust Production Agreement.The program of China Coal Mine Cost Database was officially set up with a budget of RMB 6 million.

  • 2010

    Awarded as the Advanced Sci-Tech Services Organization of Taiyuan City.Officially released the CR coal and coke price indexes."China Coal Price Index and Its Application" passed Sci-Tech achievement appraisal and won the Outstanding Sci-Tech Contribution Award of Taiyuan City during the 11th Five-Year Plan period in December.

  • 2011

    Launched the Chinese coking industry investigation program, and completed the investigation work for the Chinese coking industry database program in July.Investment in Sci-Tech R&D exceeded RMB 6 million for five consecutive years; awarded as the Advanced Sci-Tech Services Organization of Taiyuan City.Obtained proprietary intellectual property right for China Coal Price Index Series.

  • 2012

    Developed and operated Qinhuangdao seaborne coal exchange system.Restarted the Limin Coking Plant in Loufan, which had stopped production for two years due to great loss. After three months of production, it became a foundry coking plant with the lowest cost in Shanxi.

  • 2013

    Developed the Taiyuan Coal Price Index by working with China (Taiyuan) Coal Transaction Center, which soon gained recognition in the coal industry.Undertook the Sci-tech services project of Ministry of Science and Technology – Production Technology Consulting and Management Services Platform for Small and Medium Coal and Coke Enterprises.Jointly developed Chinese thermal coal price index – CCI index series – with Platt, a leading energy, petrochemicals and metal information supplier.Obtained computer software copyright for Refined Intelligent Coal Blending System and Coke CSR Forecast System. Till then Fenwei obtained 35 intellectual properties, copyrights and patents for different research results.Gained RMB 800,000 fund from the Ministry of Science and Technology for the project of Energy-saving and Cost-reduction Digital Production and Management Service Platform for Small- and Medium-sized Coal and Coke Enterprises.

  • 2014

    Jointly applied for the major scientific research project of Refined Intelligent Coal Blending System Development and Project Demonstration with Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group, Institute of Coal Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Taiyuan University of Technology, and obtained RMB 15.9 million of special fund.

  • 2015

    Fenwei CCI Index was widely used by large enterprises and organizations such as Shenhua Group, CHALCO and the Mongolian governmentBuilt a comprehensive Chinese coal industry database for Taiyuan University of was awarded the Most Influential Coal and Coke Industry Portal by the CECASold over 10,000 tonnes of foundry coke from Limin Coking Plant through MPP platform with prices 20 yuan/t higher than the market price

  • 2016

    Completed upgrading of, providing customized and self-purchase services big data-based automatic optimization and delivery.Officially launched the online service system for automatic coal blending and hot strength forecast.Invention patent – compact type briquette density measurement instrument.Provided resources optimization and cost reduction services for Liheng Iron and Steel, Wangzhuang Coking Plant and Gujiao No. 2 Coking Plant.Made a breakthrough in research on sulfur transformation during coke-making of different coal varieties and built a forecast model of sulfur transformation.

  • 2017

    Fenwei CCI index gained further popularity, serving as settlement basis for more coal enterprises.Fenwei's coal blending system was recognized and greatly supported by the Shanxi Economy and Information Commission, which summoned its local branches and coking enterprises across Shanxi to attend a promotion seminar dedicated to the system.The NDRC provided guidance on the CCI index, and established strategic cooperation with Fenwei.